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The Christian Family - Part 14 - Audio

April 6th, 2015

Through this candid and enlightened study on all aspects of family life, the believer will discover the way our heavenly Father intended His earthly family to live and be a part of one another.  For those reading with secular eyes, much of what is included in this book will vary from what they might find in a similar book written for the world.  Even so, if non-Christians will read with open hearts and minds, they too can find the answers to some of the most perplexing problems of our times.

Dr. Price shares, in his straightforward fashion, the duties of the husband, wife, and children.  He addresses all issues frankly and openly, including those sensitive areas in marriage.

In addition, Dr. Betty Price shares from a wealth of knowledge and wisdom garnered during 40 odd years of marriage.  Done question and answer style, this last chapter of the book will minister to wives, mothers, and women in general who need specific answers to specific questions.  Because she genuinely believes in the power of prayer, Dr. Betty also shares the scriptures she has used over the years to sustain a strong family unit.